Armed Forces and Police Savings & Loan Association, Inc. (AFPSLAI)

PNP / BFP / BJMP / Military (Officer / Non-Officer)

Civilian Employees (AFPSLAI-accredited institutions)

AFP / PNP / BFP / BJMP / Retiree / Pensioner (Transferee / Survivor / Legal / beneficiary)

Resigned from Military Service / Honorably Discharged

Inactive / Reserve Officer

Important Reminders:
  • Member applicant MUST personally appear when applying for membership and claiming the passbook and ID. Application through authorized representative is not allowed.
  • All requirements are to be submitted with original copies (for presentation) and photocopy (for submission).
  • Applications with incomplete requirements will not be processed.
  • Requirements for readmission are the same with new membership application other than the Letter of Intent.
  • Additional documents may be required to support the Membership Application/Update Form.