Armed Forces and Police Savings & Loan Association, Inc. (AFPSLAI)
More AFPSLAI members learn the keys to life
Before the end of 4th Quarter of 2017, AFPSLAI conducted two (2) personal finance mana... Read More
AFPSLAI Revises Policy on Dormant Accounts
In compliance with the BS Circular No. 928 (Amendments to the Regulations Governing Fe... Read More
AFPSLAI Scholars on a Roll!
Several AFPSLAI scholars have recently passed their licensure exams. Our schola... Read More
AFPSLAI Lucena Branch breaks new ground
A groundbreaking ceremony for the new site of AFPSLAI Lucena Branch Office was held on... Read More
New Quarterly Limit on Capital Contribution (CC) Remittance
Pursuant to Board Resolution No. 2017-008-8353, AFPSLAI will implement the new quarter... Read More
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