Armed Forces and Police Savings & Loan Association, Inc. (AFPSLAI)

All Regular and Associate Members in good credit standing, except corporate members, who are the registered owners (or one of the partners, as the case may be) of the business for which the loan proceeds are to be used. A member in good credit standing is defined as one without record of delinquent/past due loan, has complied with the minimum required balance for CCA and has no dormant Savings Deposit Account.

The loan must be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Expansion of an existing business
  • Repair /renovation of an existing business space/area
  • Purchase/acquisition of fixed assets (machinery, equipment, etc.) or commercial/agricultural property for use in business
  • Funding for new business endeavor
  • Take out/refinancing of an existing business loan which is current in status


P300,000.00 to P5,000,000.00, but should only be equal to the actual amount needed by the borrower, or 70% of Fair Market Value of the property, or the amount applicable to the borrower's paying capacity whichever is the lowest


1 to 5 years


Term Effective Rate (IRR) Nominal Rate (Add-on)
1 year 11.00% 6.06%
2 year 11.25% 6.07%
3 year 11.50% 6.24%
4 year 11.75% 6.45%
5 years 12.00% 6.69%